1. I hate heat. Heat makes me cranky and tired. Doesn’t matter if it’s dry heat or humid heat — I don’t deal well with either one. We had a heat index of over 100 one day this past week and I hid in the basement.

    But anyway, wow, those s’mores look so good! I pinned that for future reference. We’re talking about taking our kids on their first camping trip this fall, when it’s nicer out and the ticks are less numerous. And the mosquitoes.

    And I have been a believer in bare feet all my life. I go barefoot indoors year ’round, and outdoors on our property basically whenever there’s no snow on the ground. I’m a little more hesitant to go barefoot other places, except to the pool, though. I wear sandals from about the end of March through the middle of October because they let my feet breathe and don’t smoosh my toes. My parents used to howl and yowl about my refusal to wear shoes and socks, but I’m finding more and more articles like that one that support the idea that shoes are simply not the greatest idea. My kids run barefoot like me, for the most part, though they all like wearing socks indoors in the winter and I only do that if it’s truly cold, which it rarely is around here.

    And I definitely feel safer and more connected to my environment in bare feet. It’s part of why I love being barefoot — I know exactly where I am and what’s going on, even subconsciously.

    There’s a great quotation in Thor Heyerdahl’s Fatu-Hiva that perfectly describes my feelings: “To step from cool grass to hot sand, and to feel the soft mud squeeze up between the toes, to be licked away in the next pool, felt better than stepping continually on the inside of the same pair of socks.”
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    • Heat! My mom’s talking about dreading the summer going too fast and being over. Me – I’m looking forward to fall. In fact, we’re thinking about doing our family camping in October before it gets too cold at night, but the days will still be pleasant.
      I LOVE being barefoot. I have to wear socks in the winter because it’s just too cold otherwise, but once the weather starts warming up the socks are gone. I guess that IS one thing I enjoy about summer. The funny thing is that my children don’t like going barefoot outside in the summer, but they will go barefoot in the house in the winter – go figure.
      That’s a great quote about being barefoot. Now to get my children to see it that way. 🙂

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