1. I stay cool in the summer by hiding in my basement. In theory, anyway. It’s always 10 degrees cooler down there than on the main floor, and during weeks like this has been, probably 20 cooler than on the top floor. We should all sleep in the basement, really.

    But mostly I wear tank tops all summer long (conservative ones — no spaghetti straps!), and shorts, and try to do outside stuff in the mornings and evenings. The heat index here for the last week or so has been over a hundred, as the actual temps have been upper 90s and the humidity has been so horrible that fruit has gone moldy sitting on my counter.

    Bleah, I don’t like summer. Longing for fall!!!!
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    • My sisters and I used to sleep in our basement or later when we lived in an apartment building on the balcony.
      That’s some serious heat and humidity. Since we’re not in the city anymore it’s not quite as hot where we’re living which is a blessing.
      I enjoy summer for the extra time to get projects accomplished, but other than that I’m ready for fall too.

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