1. LOVE IT!

    When I was a kid, my mom read to us for about 45 minutes every evening before bed. It was often my favorite part of the day. My brother and I are 5 years apart, so when he was younger, she would first read him some picture books, then read out of a chapter book to me. We both enjoyed both sections. Later she chose books we were both interested in. She kept doing that until we went to college.

    I do not have a set read-aloud time for my kids, which bothers me. But during the school year, I do try to read from a chapter book during a “quiet time” break between lunch and finishing our schoolwork for the day. And this summer, I’ve been trying to read at least five picture books aloud to my youngest, which my two older kids generally listen in to, and I also try to have time to listen to my 6-year-old read one book aloud every day to encourage her as she learns to read.

    I’ll be going on a road trip next week, and just today we stopped at the library to pick up some of Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books on CD to listen to while we drive. We tried one on our last trip and everyone adored it. This time, we ended up with FOUR because everyone was so excited about them. These are all unabridged and read by Stockard Channing, and she was so amazing in the one we listened to a couple months ago that I am possibly looking forward to them more than my kids are!
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    • My dad read to my sisters and I all the time we were growing up. I read to my older children (Dickens right now) right after our family devotions in the morning. Nothing like reading a classic to get your brain cells warmed up for the day. I don’t have a set time to read to my younger ones, but it’s a goal. Right now we’re finishing up Little House on the Prairie.
      I just told Eva-Joy recently that I really should get some books on CD from the library for when I’m driving. Now I want to look for those Ramona ones because I know everyone in our family would enjoy them.
      I know that I often look forward to our read alouds more than my children. There is just something so cozy about it.

  2. Reading is our #1 hobby together! 🙂 We just finished the “Beggar’s Bible” by Louise Vernon. Great post! Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! 🙂

    • We like Louise Vernon’s books. I read “The Secret Church” probably about a dozen times when I was young. 🙂 When I had children we bought all of her books for them to read.

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