1. Julie Geoffrion

    Oh my – I had to pin the lego chess for Tim – he’d love that since he loves both chess and legos (neither of which interest me haha).
    I’ll have to show the girls the dollhouse as they would love making that for their dolls and are always looking for new craft projects.
    I need to get going on learning to quilt – the girls and I plan to do this the last semester of school but I have some Norman Rockwell fabric I’d like to make into a quilt for us..wonder if I can :).
    I finally learned how to crochet a scallop edge so I wonder if it will start popping up places – hahaha.
    That baby nest is adorable and I would have made one if I had seen it…however, this chunky monkey of ours would never fit into it now. At 6 months she is over 18lbs and doing well on mamma’s milk :). I wonder if the girls would like that baby nest for their American girl dolls..hmmmmm

  2. I pinned that Lego chess set too — I’ll have to show it to my son later.

    I love dollhouses! I made one out of multiple boxes when I was about 11, and used old wallpaper sample books to paper it, put in flooring, etc. I tried to make all the furniture out of “found objects,” like the fuzzy parts of a pair of broken earmuffs became a fuzzy sofa. Such fun!

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