A Simple Girly Baby Shower

We had something very exciting happen in our church this fall. One of our members had a baby girl. I know on the surface that doesn’t sound incredibly exciting so let me put it in perspective.

Healthy Simplicity - Simple Girly Baby Shower

We are a fairly small church. The youngest girl in our church to this point was my youngest daughter who just turned 11. It’s not that there were no babies being born. It’s just that they were ALL boys – EIGHT of them, as a matter of fact. I had three and another family in the church had five boys in a row.

You can imagine this family’s surprise when the ultrasound said they were having a girl. Admittedly the mom said she wasn’t believing it until the baby was actually born. I think I’d be skeptical too. But they had a lovely baby girl!

I told my girls I wanted to do a very girly, pink shower but not a princess one because that seems so clich├ęd. I also wanted to keep it simple (of course).

We put our heads together and this is what we came up with:

First of all we bought baby dresses at our local thrift store for a dollar a piece – all different sizes and styles.

Then my middle daughter made giant pompoms.

Of course we bought lots of pink tablecloths, plates, napkins, etc.

I found a lovely pad of scrapbooking paper for sale that was baby girl themed.

Here’s how we put it all together.

First I hung the dresses on pink baby dress hangers I bought at the dollar store. I tied string to the middle of the pompoms in a loop and hung the dress on the loop. I wanted to hang these from various spots on the ceiling, but I just wasn’t tall enough so we hung them in a row across the window.


Healthy Simplicity - Simple Girly Baby Shower

We hung more dresses and a bonnet on the gift table. See all of those gift bags right in front with the gold ribbon and a letter on each? They were part of a game. The paper for the bags came from the pad of scrapbook paper.

Healthy Simplicity - Simple Girly Baby Shower
The table isn’t quite finished here but I think you get the idea. I wanted the top table cloth pulled up like the hem of a skirt might be pulled up to show off an underskirt. We still needed to even up the right side here.



That’s pretty much all we did, but it was pretty and pink and simple.

Let me just say something about baby shower games: Most of what you see now are awkward, make people feel uncomfortable/embarrassed or they are just downright gross. My mom and I came up with three games that had none of these features but were fun.

Remember the gift bags that I said were a part of a game? Each bag had a letter from the baby’s name and inside was a baby item that started with that letter. The person who guessed the most right items won. So we had things like Y= yellow ducky, L= lotion, R= receiving blanket. There was a lot of laughing as ladies gathered around the bags hefting their weight (or lack thereof), gently squishing, etc.

For another game my mom had collected baby pictures from three of the moms who came – me, the baby’s mom and a visiting pastor’s wife. All together there were 21 baby pictures, and everyone had to guess which baby was which. Lots of fun. Here’s the funny part: There were three little girls who banded together: One was my daughter, one was a cousin of the new baby and the other was the oldest sister of the other PK family. Between the three of them they had no problem figuring out all of the baby photos (and let me say it was tough because the babies of each family looked so much alike).

Finally I had put together a list of mothers and children from the Bible to match. I thought I was doing a good job of making the matches random, but I ended up doing a pattern which was good for a laugh.

Everything was simple but fun.

And the star of the show? Well, you decide – but we think she is utterly adorable.

Healthy Simplicity - Simple Girly Baby Shower

           Our “old” youngest girl with our “new” youngest girl.

A little bonus:

My two oldest daughters made super cute wrappings for their gifts.

Healthy Simplicity - Simple Girly Baby Shower 
Healthy Simplicity - Simple Girly Baby Shower


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