1. PJ Moore

    Oh so very thankful that everything is going extremely well for your family. We truly serve an amazing God who cares about every detail of our lives. He is a God of miracles. I will continue to pray for all of you.

  2. Brenda

    Jen, I am SO HAPPY to hear your husband is doing so much better! Praise the Lord! He looks so handsome in the above picture. I will continue to pray for him as well as you, sweet sister and the rest of the family. You are certainly an amazing testimony of God’s grace and love the way you have cared for him and all your responsibilities as a mother AND still manage to do the sewing and other things. Praying you all have a sweet, blessed weekend!

  3. I’m so happy to hear that Hugo is progressing so well! What an answer to prayers.

    So many of those plants for hanging baskets are ones I’ve used in my container garden! I’ve grown nasturtiums with great success for the last few years. They have great big seeds that are really easy to harvest in the fall and replant the next year! Petunias are very easy and showy. Verbena and calibrachoas are more favorites for me. I don’t really like geraniums in containers because they get so “leggy” and look straggly. But lantanas — I adore lantanas. I get some every year, sometimes in a variety of colors, and they are wonderful. I’m totally pinning that article, as there are some in there I’m not familiar with and might want to try out this year! Thanks!

    I’m pinning that zipper tutorial for future reference, too.
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    • Oh, thanks for all the suggestions. I’m such a beginner in gardening. I enjoy it, but I know almost nothing about it. 🙂 I’ll let you know what I do, and how it goes.

      • I’ve never tried hanging baskets outside because we don’t have a place to hang them from, but I love the way they look! I do have a couple inside with spider plants in them, which are awesome.

        Of the stuff they listed there, I’ve also had great success with begonias and impatiens in shady areas, back when we lived in WI, and also fuschias. I’d love to do fuschias again somewhere, but haven’t found the right place here.

        • This house already had the hooks for hanging baskets and they were quite cheap at Wal-Mart, but still I’d like to try this on my own. I have a spider plant too. I like them because they’re so easy to maintain. 🙂

          • The great thing about hanging baskets is, you can reuse them. One thing I’ve learned is to put a paper coffee filter at the bottom of all containers, hanging or not,before putting the dirt in. Keeps the dirt from washing out the bottom so quickly. The filter eventually biodegrades, so it doesn’t work forever, but they do the trick for the year.

            I did hanging baskets at our apartment in CT a couple times, which was great until a pair of mourning doves decided to nest in one of them. We enjoyed watching the babies hatch and grow from inside the apt, but we couldn’t go out on our balcony anymore because the birds would freak out.
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