1. Joy Daggett

    Your readings are always an inspiration to me since I don’t read anymore nearly as much as I used to.

  2. Heidi

    I didn’t enjoy reading until your dad had us read Ivanhoe! Now I love to read, but don’t get to read often!

  3. Deborsh

    I enjoy reading your blog and am encouraged by your productivity. I have never been a good homemaker so I could certainly use the book:-)


  4. Penelope Kenney

    I agree about the lack of good choices for childrens books. We have just finished the Grandmas Attic series. All the children enjoyed it. Thanks for your posts. I enjoy them.

  5. Jen

    So enjoying all your posts again. It’s nice to hear how you are all doing.
    It’s funny because we never got to meet here in Ontario and now I think you have probably met a lot of people we know from when we lived in Cold Lake. Especially the winter camp you mentioned. My kids so miss going there (assuming it’s the same one).
    Thanks for all the suggestions for books too. I agree, it’s so hard to find good ones! If it’s not fluff it’s inappropriate! Argh!
    Still hoping to one day put a face to your name. Many blessings to you, Jen (Barb’s friend from Kingston)

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