A Delicious Skill

I have three daughters. My oldest daughter is a writer, and that’s okay. It might not be okay if I didn’t have my second daughter. She loves being in the kitchen just like me. I’m so happy that I have someone I can share this love with. (My oldest daughter and I share a love … [Read more…]


This giveaway is for everyone that responds. This spring as I was thinking about fun things to do this summer I kept seeing a list come up for bored children. It’s an alliterated list using the letters from the word “bored” to remind your children of things they can do. I took the list and … [Read more…]

Encouraging Our Children

Lately my husband and I have been watching a series about some young people who left their religious community – the one they had grown up in all of their lives. What struck me was how they all said over and over they were never praised, never encouraged. They all had dreams they were never … [Read more…]