The Triumph of Trust

Here we are at the end of our study of the book of Ruth. I hope you have enjoyed it and have a new love for this beautiful story. I never tire of going through this story. Who doesn’t enjoy a love story with a happy ending?

Love Triumphant

When we left our study last time Ruth was waiting with Naomi for Boaz to resolve the situation of Ruth needing a husband. Of course we know that Naomi and Ruth would both like to see Boaz as Ruth’s husband, but Boaz has brought up the fact of a kinsmen who has a higher claim … [Read more…]

Waiting and Trusting

And now comes the waiting. Ruth has obeyed Naomi’s instructions. She met with Boaz. He has agreed to marry her, but there is someone who has a higher claim. So now Ruth has to wait – will this one with the higher claim give it up?

Virtue’s Reward

Last week we saw that Naomi had a plan for getting a husband for Ruth. We also saw Ruth trusting Naomi and agreeing to her plan. Now it all begins to happen. Ruth 3:6-13 6  And she went down unto the floor, and did according to all that her mother in law bade her. 7  And … [Read more…]

Quiet, Unquestioning Trust

We’re halfway through the book of Ruth. Life is looking better for the two widows. It is likely they have enough food to last until the next harvest thanks to the generosity of Boaz and hard work of Ruth, but that’s it. Life is more than just food although it is a very important part … [Read more…]