The Joy of Having Siblings

Today I asked my children what their favourite thing about having a lot of siblings is. I didn’t give them time to think – just tell me what comes into your head. Here are their answers…

My Gallery Wall

I tend to overthink projects – a lot. And putting up all of our framed family pictures on a “gallery wall” was no different. I collected pins and collected my pictures in one place. I don’t feel that I’m very good at decorating our home, anyway, so this felt like a major undertaking for me. … [Read more…]

Having Fun

The first half of July was spent preparing for a wedding in which three of my children were part of the wedding party, my husband officiated and I played the piano and acted as unofficial wedding co-ordinator. Now that that is behind us, I feel like our summer has really started, and we’re having lots … [Read more…]

My Favourite Love Story

I love reading/hearing stories of how people met each other and fell in love. I enjoy reading birth stories. My favourite kind of books are biographies or autobiographies. I just really enjoy reading about how other people deal with what comes their way in life. I don’t think anyone has a boring life. So I … [Read more…]