Warm Weather = Happy Times

This has been a good week. We actually took  a small break from  school. I know we’re close to the end, but I needed a break. I needed to get out of the city for a couple of days. We were going to go camping for two nights but ended up staying only one because … [Read more…]

Healthy Again

Oh the joy of feeling healthy again. I’ve been carefully following all of my naturopath’s suggestions, and I feel totally better except for an occasional cough.  Also, the baby has been sleeping better since I am being more intentional about getting solids into him. Extra sleep is always good.   So this week has been … [Read more…]

Cupcakes and a Camera

This has been an uneventful, quiet week. We all need weeks like that, right? So there’s not much to tell you about.   I will say that last Sunday we needed to take some cupcakes to church, and my ten-year-old daughter did them about 98% by herself! She’s becoming quite the baker. She chose a … [Read more…]