Top Five Posts

I’m still busily unpacking and setting things up in our new home.  In the meantime I thought I’d share with you the top five visited posts on this blog. Perhaps you’ve missed one or two and would enjoy them. ☺ #1 – Fudge, Glorious Fudge – I’m not surprised this is in first place! What … [Read more…]

5 Skills I Want to Learn This Year

I was recently challenged to think of five things I’d like to learn this year. I had already been thinking about this, but I thought if I made a list and put it down here it would help to solidify it all in my brain. Also, there’s that love I have for lists – any … [Read more…]

What I’m Loving (3)

☼ running errands with my husband ☼ baby talk ☼ chatting with my sisters ☼ sunny days ☼ clean laundry ☼ quiet times in the morning ☼ reading the same books as my children ☼ decorating my home ☼ digital scrapbooking ☼ an organized basement ☼ reading my daughter’s blogs ☼ reading my son’s blog ☼ … [Read more…]