5 Skills I Want to Learn This Year

I was recently challenged to think of five things I’d like to learn this year. I had already been thinking about this, but I thought if I made a list and put it down here it would help to solidify it all in my brain. Also, there’s that love I have for lists – any … [Read more…]

What I’m Loving (3)

☼ running errands with my husband ☼ baby talk ☼ chatting with my sisters ☼ sunny days ☼ clean laundry ☼ quiet times in the morning ☼ reading the same books as my children ☼ decorating my home ☼ digital scrapbooking ☼ an organized basement ☼ reading my daughter’s blogs ☼ reading my son’s blog ☼ … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. My husband took me out for lunch which was so nice. One of the waitresses had to ask where the children were because she hardly recognized us without them. Anyway, during lunch I was remembering my most memorable birthdays. We didn’t do every birthday up big in our home, but I … [Read more…]

A Day in Our Life

 I’ve been reading quite a few day-in-the-life posts lately. Mostly from this blog. I thought it would be fun to do one on here. So this is how life went for our family on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. ☺ 3:45 – My day didn’t actually start this early, but I did get a wake-up request … [Read more…]