Winter Sewing List 2014-2015

I feel so behind this year. Because the children were so sick this fall, I’m about a month behind in everything. I’ve had this list perking in my head for a while. Sewing in the winter is such a cozy activity. This is the sewing that I want to do this winter, and now that life … [Read more…]

A Simple Skirt

Several years ago I came across this skirt pattern on the internet and did a small tweak to make it they way I wanted. Since then I’ve made numerous skirts using this pattern for my girls. I taught it to my sister who has probably made more skirts than me. She also taught it to … [Read more…]

Some Sewing for Summer 2014

So now that I cleared up what I did for my sewing this winter, I’ve been thinking about what I would like to get sewn this spring and summer. I would like to sew: a skirt for myself – I’ve had the fabric for ages a skirt for each of my daughters a bag each … [Read more…]

Fall Sewing List – Update

Since I’m almost ready to make a sewing list for this spring and summer, I thought I’d give you an update on how I did with my fall list. ~ one dress each for my two youngest daughters – I actually ended up making two dresses for each of them. I made a set that … [Read more…]