Thrift Store Bonanza

    This has been a fantastic week. The first part of it we were still on vacation. We had a wonderful time away and came back feeling renewed. One thing we did while away was to sit down together as a family and write a family mission statement. This is something that describes who … [Read more…]

Fall Sewing List

We’re on the way home from our vacation. It was a wonderful time away and now I’m excited to go home and get back to work. I’ve had time to think about things I wanted to do. Since writing up a sewing list for summer worked so well for me, I thought I’d do one … [Read more…]

Revisiting a Project

Hello Everyone, I’ve been super busy the last two days. I’m trying to get matching dresses for my two youngest daughters made by Saturday. Our church is having a special Thanksgiving programme hence the new dresses. Here’s a post I did a couple of months ago about sewing a blanket for a baby. This is … [Read more…]

New Edge for a Jumper

    Our local Salvation Army recently had a 50% off sale. I bought a jumper for my youngest daughter even though I though it might be a bit short. I figured since I was only spending $1 on the jumper adding an edge would be easy.   The only problem was when I got home … [Read more…]