Friday File 15

I feel like this week has gone by so quickly and yet we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Today I made our menu for the next four weeks, and my husband did the shopping. It feels so good to have that finished for another month. Now we’ll just need to go to the … [Read more…]

Blessed Assurance

I love this song – its joyfulness, its testimony, its truths. It was written by one of the most well-known hymnists – Fanny Crosby. I love Fanny Crosby’s songs. They all seem to burst with life and truth. I think being blind gave her sight into things we have no idea of. The story behind … [Read more…]

Friday File 7

This has been a busy week for us – two birthdays. First my middle son, Micah, turned seven, and then four days later I had a birthday. There are rumours of a birthday cake being made for me this afternoon. It’s nice when your children get old enough to plan a celebration for you. Micah … [Read more…]