Revisiting a Project

Hello Everyone, I’ve been super busy the last two days. I’m trying to get matching dresses for my two youngest daughters made by Saturday. Our church is having a special Thanksgiving programme hence the new dresses. Here’s a post I did a couple of months ago about sewing a blanket for a baby. This is … [Read more…]

Library Time Week 10

Sometimes I consider myself addicted to reading. I generally have three to four books on the go at the same time. I like to keep books in various places in the house so I’m never far from something to read. I take my Kindle with me everywhere which now has several hundred books on it … [Read more…]

Moving Furniture and Washing Dishes

    This has been an bit of an up-and-down week. I’ve been more tired because of a baby who needs/wants to nurse all night, and when Mommy’s tired everything just feels more difficult. At one point I felt like the house was closing in on me something that doesn’t usually happen until the middle … [Read more…]

100 Posts = A Giveaway

We’ve made it – 100 posts. I’ve had fun and learned some new things and hope you have too. As promised I’m going to have a giveaway to celebrate. I have selected several books that we have talked about in our Library Time series. You can pick the one you want. So, how to earn … [Read more…]