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Welcome to Healthy Simplicity and the Schönhaar family. With eight children I like to keep life as simple and uncomplicated as possible. It helps me to write things down so this blog helps to simplify my life. We are also always looking for ways to make our lives healthier so I share what we’re learning. I hope this blog can help you to have a simpler and healthier life.  


My name is Jennifer, and yes, there are at least two other Jennifers everywhere I go. ☺ I’ve been interested in healthy living ever since I was a child. I think some of it had to do with my love of all things Laura Ingalls. I wanted to make foods from scratch not boxes. I wanted to have all the life skills Ma Ingalls did. I’ve learned quite a few of those skills and hope to learn more. I’m also passionate about breastfeeding and scrapbooking and sewing. I love to read and play the piano. I enjoy the challenge of memorizing whole chapters not just verses in the Bible. As I review them I find it a way of meditating on them. I’m so happy to be married to the love of my life and thankful that God has blessed us with eight children.  

Healthy SimplicityThis is my wonderful husband, Hugo. He’s the pastor of our church, Toronto Baptist Church. He loves creationism and prophecy. He also loves to play with his children, go on hikes, and canoe.  He’s been my biggest support at each of our children’s births and in the months of breastfeeding that followed. He’s also my biggest fan club, but then I think it’s mutual. We just couldn’t be happier with God bringing us together.

Healthy SimplicityThis is my oldest, Eva-Joy. She is passionate about writing and can often be found tapping away on the keyboard. She has written several novels which she assures me need lots of work. She also has a blog – Coffee, Classics and Craziness – where she writes about all the things she loves – period dramas (books and movies), Captain America, classic literature and anything else that catches her fancy. She’s a huge help with Ethan – my challenging child. They have a very special closeness.

Healthy Simplicity This is Noah – my oldest son. He can design just about anything from legos. His favourite designs are military vehicles. I may be prejudiced, but his designs are awesome in their accuracy. He has a blog as well where he highlights his latest builds. He is also very knowledgeable about World War II. Noah is funny and keeps us laughing a lot, and let me just say that having a son who is taller than me is a weird feeling – wasn’t he just born a couple of weeks ago?

Healthy SimplicityMy third-born, Ezra. He was my first homebirth. He was a smiley baby and still has a happy personality. He is our resident artist with cartoons being his specialty. Being a boy some of his cartoons tend to be things I don’t find funny, but he does. He loves to play with his baby brothers and give them piggy back rides. He also enjoys cooking and baking and can make a wonderful coffee cake. 

Healthy Simplicity
Elisabeth is my girly-girl. She is almost as tall as Ezra, and we have been asked if they are twins. She loves to bake and read. It is such a blessing when I need something baked to ask Elisabeth to take care of it for me. Even though she likes all things girly she also enjoys time outside especially riding her bike. We enjoy getting her to giggle because she’s so funny when she gets started. 

Healthy SimplicityMy baby girl…Rebekah. Elisabeth and Rebekah are as close as two sisters can be. They are either the best of friends or the worst of enemies. Rebekah is just starting to learn how to bake. As an aside, let your children help you in the kitchen. It takes patience at first, but you won’t regret it. Rebekah enjoys trying new hairstyles on her big sister Eva-Joy and is getting very good at fancy braids. She also enjoys playing the piano and taking care of our baby, Jonah, which is a huge help for me.

Healthy Simplicity
 We were so excited when Micah joined our family. He was born with a lot of hair – lots more than my girls, but then “Schönhaar” means “beautiful hair”. Micah is very active and loves playing outside. He also loves to talk – he knows no strangers. He must get it from his father because I know his wallflower mother is not like that. 

Healthy Simplicity
 Here’s Ethan – my 7th and my most challenging. He has been such a challenge that I wrote an entire post about him. Ethan more than makes up for all the difficulties by being super affectionate. If I need a hug I can always count on Ethan.

Healthy Simplicity
Last but hopefully not least – our Jonah. Don’t you love his dimples? We found them within five minutes of his birth and have been taken by them ever since. Jonah is a happy, happy baby. Although, around people he doesn’t know well he is very sober. It takes him a while to warm up to someone, but when he does he turns on the full affects of his mega-watt smile and charm.


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    • JenSchon

      Awww. Thanks. We love you too. It sure does make time fly when you’re watching children grow up – it happens too fast.

  1. Oh My…
    What a pleasant surprise to be here today. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I am here via my friend and Bro. Jaime Buckley’s notification. 🙂
    Thank you Jaime for your today’s mail notification.

    I am so glad to meet you all.
    What a Blessed family!
    May the Good Lord continue to bless and and keep you all
    safe for His glory. 🙂 Our prayers.
    Keep up the good work.
    Will come again to read more.
    Keep informed
    Bro. Phil
    C/o. Back to the Bible, India.
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  2. Sara

    Very impressive!! I understand the importance of simplicity , the rock of faith and needing to write things down. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂 I am challenged to spend more time at home and bring my family closer together!!! I will visit often, thank you and have an awesome week!!!

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